Star Wars: A Galaxy Apart

One Small Step...

Session 5

Ship in hand, supplies carted over, the party makes way to Pathan. The Restoration has a cargo of foodstuff to be delivered to a human colony there that will provide the party with 2000 space munnies.

Taking off mostly intact the party travels through four gates unmolested to arrive at their destination. Promptly upon arriving they are robbed by the The Red Torda, a local gang they preys upon the area.

In the end the party is able to trade the cargo for some of the personal weapons they’ve retained from their home galaxy.

Before they set to leave they are offered possession of a slave in exchange for additional weapons. At first the party demurs at the idea of slave trade but are quick to make the trade upon seeing the slave beaten in front of them.

With a new addition to their crew the party prepares to make their first inroads into this home far, far away from home.

The questions remains: Whom got the better of whom when when slave, a Milhan girl named Chosu, is exchanged for firepower?


selderane selderane

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