A quiet Milhan slavegirl.


As a Milhan female Chosu finds herself both desired and hated by her own people. Sold into slavery at a young age she has known only oppression and servitude her entire life.

Attractive even by the standards of her species she often found herself in one bedchamber or another upon reaching sexual maturity. To survive and ensure the best care she could hope to receive Chosu quickly educated herself in the ways of intimacy – no matter how debased the act. This made her popular and, for a while at least, provided her creature comforts unknown to most Milhan women.

However, at some point, she fell out of favor with a past owner and found herself in the possession of the Red Torda gang on the planet Pathan. There she was traded between the men of the gang for pleasure and entertainment.

She now finds herself within the company of the party, having been sold for a lot of exotic weapons to the Red Torda.


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