The Flying Brick

The Flying Brick

The Flying Brick is a large freight hauler given to the party by the Restoration. She is an older ship but functional and what she lacks in looks she makes up for in durability.

Specced for a crew of near 40 the Flying Brick has been modified to accommodate numbers far less. Primary systems like propulsion, navigation, and life support are maintainable by a crew fewer than four. This level of efficiency comes at a cost – many ancillary systems are left offline and large portions of the ship are without power or life support, only accessible by EVA suits.

On the bright side this has the added benefit of providing the ship with additional layers of armor.

The Flying Brick may be outfitted with weapons, a galactic standard, but to do so would likely draw the attention of authorities. That said, given the additional space afforded the vessel due to swaths of the ship being uninhabitable for life, a clever crew may find a way to hide ship-to-ship weapons within these areas, obscured by retractable bulkheads.

Given her size and advanced age, the Flying Brick is slower than more modern freighters. Her engines and powerhouse may be upgraded but, to date, the Restoration has found better use for their space munnies. Upgrading these systems may make additional spaces in the ship available for use without the need for additional crew.

Manufacture: Koldant Fleet

Crew: 3 (+40)

Passenger: 50

Consumables: Two months

Speed: .95 GSL

Cargo: 100 tonnes

The Flying Brick

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