Physical Description: A gray-skinned race of humanoids that are unremarkable in the areas of physique and health. For all intents and purposes, there is very little difference between this species and humans. That said, Milhan females are typically more physically appealing than other humanoids and often find themselves sold into slavery.

Organization: Matriarchal in the ancient past, the males of the species rose up and overthrew the governing body of their society in an egalitarian revolt. While the revolt was successful the males lacked either the knowledge or inclination to organize a new societal structure and soon found themselves at the mercy of galactic passions.

Now the Milhan find themselves moving through the galaxy as the solar winds blow. One facet that has endured from the revolt is the prohibition the males force upon the females against speaking. Milhan women were well known throughout the galaxy for their oratory prowess. The sound of their voice had an effect upon most males of any species which would make them susceptible to suggestion.

Milhan females caught speaking were viciously beaten if not outright killed by their own kin. And owners of Milhan slave girls weren’t likely to be any more forgiving.

To date, there is no record of a Milhan female speaking and it is widely believed the desire to speak had been bred out due to centuries of brutality.

Society: Not especially gifted in any one area the Milhan find themselves most utilized in tasks that to not require specialized skills or knowledge. However, while the may not occupy positions of power, authority, or prestige, they are quite literally everywhere. Some have taken advantage of the ubiquitousness of the Milhan to pass obtain information through methods that would otherwise arouse question should it have been any other species.

Homeworld: Milhan

Notable Personalities: Chosu, the Red Torda


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