Capitol: Ragos

Geography: A developed world of cities and forests. Unlike other planets in the galaxy, Pathan prides itself for maintaining a balance between economic progress and intrusion into the natural world. The mountain ranges of the planet contain an unusually high concentration of iron that contributes to the reddish hue of the atmosphere as it is laden with iron oxide.

The largest mountain range on the planet, located on its largest of three continents, have been called the Blood Peaks for as long as anyone can recall. Recently, however, attempts have been made to rename the range as a number of alien species that have taken to Pathan as home find the term offensive.

Government: Like all worlds in the galaxy, Pathan is answerable to the High Order. Located within the capitol city, the Revered Governor conducts the day-to-day proceedings of governance.

Population: 4.75 billion. 45% human; 54% various alien; < 1% indigenous



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